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Data: 30 Mai 2019, 19:00 Joi
Locul:Iaşi, Fab Lab


Sometimes we have to step up and talk. In front of an audience we’re not familiar with.

Most of the people are absolutely terrified of such a scenario, but there are as well people that not only they’re ok with it, but actually enjoy it, myself included. I wasn’t always like this, in fact I was extremely uncomfortable with speaking even in front of very few people, but if I was able to became that person who now enjoys speaking in public, you should as well.

Perhaps the transition can be as easy as changing your perspective on the subject, perhaps you’re missing some specific skills that you can acquire, perhaps you have low self-esteem and you need to work on that. Or perhaps you have it all already, you’re willing to try, but there is always something that stops you.

In this session we’ll address all the aspects of the subject in matter, we’ll bust out all the possible impediments that stand between you and your speech, we’ll learn some effective presentation and speech techniques and you’ll be set on the path of turning from spectator to presenter, a path that hopefully will turn the now-you into that person that absolutely loves the experience of speaking out loud and enjoys being “on stage”. Because frankly, it’s a nice experience, don’t miss it out.

- English language.
- Full cooperation. 

Founder of @OmniSAR Technologies, Fragnite Games and Destiny Squirrel. With more than 10 years of experience in embedded software development, Alex took a sharp turn and decided to pursue one of his biggest hobbies, game development.

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