Masterclass: Leading Teams: A Situational Approach


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Data: 5 Aprilie 2019, 09:30 Vineri


Managing Collaboration

Though teamwork is one of the most common concepts in businesses today, it is often the most elusive. Teams that lack effective leadership often struggle to work cooperatively with each other and adapt to the variety of personalities, interpretations, opinions and varying skills of other team members. Teams that can successfully master true collaboration, however, are the ultimate competitive advantage.

Leading Teams: A Situational Approach is a one-day program that leverages understanding of situational approaches to leadership to explore the specific skills that leaders need
to transform diverse groups of individuals into cohesive units. Through a variety of case studies, video simulations, group discussions and skill-building activities, participants learn to maximize the performance potential of each team member while building trust, boosting creativity and improving communication.

Benefits of Leading Teams: A Situational Approach

Recognize characteristics associated with the predictable stages of team development
Understand how to apply leadership strategies with high probabilities of success
Distinguish between leading a team and providing leadership for individual team members
Develop an action plan that can be immediately implemented to accelerate team development


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