Pie & AI - A Conversation with Dr. Andrew Ng


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Data: 17 Octombrie 2019, 18:00 Joi
Locul:Iaşi, Fab Lab


On October 17th, 2019, together with deeplearning.ai we'll be hosting the very first Pie & AI webinar meetup.

If you’re wondering what an AI career looks like, what the best learning path is, what courses you should take and how to overcome common challenges when breaking into AI, come join us!

The event will kick off with a live video talk from Dr. Andrew Ng. He will share exciting AI trends and tips and tricks for how to build a career in AI. We'll follow with a keynote and a panel discussion from local guest speakers. They'll also be taking questions from the audience.

Come meet your fellow deep learners! We hope to see you for Pie & AI on 10/17!

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