Relating risk and requirements to test design


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Data: 23 Octombrie 2020, 09:30 Vineri
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Evenimentul:Relating risk and requirements to test design
Începutul evenimentului:23 Octombrie 2020, 09:30


Testing is fundamentally associated with understanding requirements and risk. We use test design techniques to deliver what is required by our customers, and we use testing to help our customers assess risk at every stage of the software’s life. These goals give us a focus for what to test and what to report, but they also present tricky and changing targets.
Join Isabel Evans and Sue Atkins to practice using test design techniques in multiple ways, not just to design tests for execution, but also to help you understand risks, clarify requirements, and report the information that is most useful to our team and customers.
Isabel and Sue will focus on practical test design techniques that they use in their own work.
These techniques allow you to:
• uncover potential defects and missing requirements before coding starts
• derive a test basis when requirements are unwritten
• drive the direction for nonscripted approaches
• provide input to automation
The highlighted techniques also provide us with a range of information about logic, data groups and boundaries, business process flows, and system interactions.
This is an interactive workshop with guided practice, so you’ll be ready to use these techniques in your own testing.


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