TCBL 2019 Fashion Forward


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Data: 28 - 29 Mai 2019


Day 1 - Hotel International
Day 2 - National University of Arts

TCBL_2019 invites you to participate in our yearly event to find out how the textiles and clothing sector is responding to major change. The venue for this year is Iași, Romania, one of Europe’s most important centres for garment production, and the theme is Fashion Forward: Connecting Patterns for Sustainability.

We aim to capture the young energy of the local industry and its ability to blend key TCBL concepts – digital, human, circular, transparent – towards a new, emerging vision for sustainable fashion.

Who is this event for? Anyone who wants to explore new directions for the textile and clothing industry, including students, designers, producers, buyers and consumers.

Attendance is FREE! Registration is obligatory.


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