The Switch Challenge România



Data: 23 Februarie 2022 Miercuri
Locul: Iaşi, Romania


(probabil) cea mai cool oportunitate antreprenorială pentru liceeni de anul ăsta: The Switch Challenge România!
Aducem cea mai mare competiție antreprenorială…See more
(probably) the coolest high school business opportunity this year: The Switch Challenge România !
We bring the biggest entrepreneurial competition for high schoolers in Romania - with prizes worth 40K euros, networking and mentoring sessions, workshops and corporate development events in tech and sustainable business.
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Deadline registration - 23 February 2022
How about this SWITCH Challenge?
In a culture that hardly accepts failure, it is often difficult to try. We believe that a community like SWITCH has the potential to help high schoolers in Romania to start and experiment with ideas for the future. We believe we can, together, help them become responsible, entrepreneurial adults and interested in technology and sustainable businesses for the future. High school students can participate individually or in teams of up to 3 members, regardless of the high school they come from.


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