Black Glue - Surgery Squad


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Data: 16 Mai 2019, 22:00 Joi
Telefon Informații: 0740 133 133


Is there a doctor who can help us?
We will need more than one this Thursday night, because we're going to do important surgery on the dance floor, so stay tuned!

We brought the hip-hop to its well-deserved place, so if you want to be free and uninhibited, that's your chance!
Do not miss it!

PS: We promise you will survive this night!

What happens in a surgery squad, stays in a surgery squad!

@SSCR are celebrating 10 years of being all cool and awesome with the past few generations of med students, so to support our future doctors learning and doing all the lifesaving stuff, the entrance fee is 20 LEI.

DJ set: DJ YO & DJ Pado

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