Ezirk DJ Set (VRTW Artists)



Data: 5 Mai 2023, 21:00 Vineri


Gents and gals, not to be dramatic, but every cool event you skip comes back as chronic FOMO.
No "should've" is fun, but not joining us on a Friday night with live music is like a sentence to unhappiness. Dramatic again.
But how can you miss Ezirk, the little funker & disco lover from downtown Bucharest, who's coming to mix like it's Electric Castle? Yep, that's a part of his playground, alongside Awake Festival, Atelier Panorama and many more.
He's got a truly awesome musical selection that will make you dance – Shazam – then dance again. Cocktail sips in between, of course.
So, send this to your friends. If they say no - major red flag, but who are we to judge - we'll drink with you.

Tickets available on iabilet.ro // 35 lei + taxes before the event | 40 lei at the door.


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