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Data: 6 Iunie 2019, 20:00 Joi


Mastemey is a Krakow band that combines groove metal with elements of thrash. The project was created in 2008 at the initiative of Brody and Habsa, but a serious approach was taken in 2010 with the first concerts. The same year, the band released 2 three-single demos and then began intensive touring. After a few years of playing together, Kruk joined the band. In 2015, the first full-length album "Vol 1." is released and the band started their first tour around Poland.

The newest release comes out in the beginning of 2019 and is called "Apparent Image".
Together with the new material, Mastemey sets off on a tour of Poland, and then plans a route around Eastern Europe.

Łukasz B. - Guitar, Vocal,
Kamil Haba - Drums,
Piotr Kruk - Bass,
Łukasz Grosicki - Guitar

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