Opening Summer Season


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Data: 14 Iunie 2019, 23:00 Vineri
Telefon Informații: 0756 561 111


First: Catch the cool vibe and have the time of your life!
Why? Because it’s ON!

It’s ON and we’ll name it #YourFratelliSummer

It’s time for the big start of a new amazing summer season full of unforgettable nights in Fratelli Summer Club .
#Fratelli is READY for the summer of a lifetime, READY to create moments that stay in your heart forever and READY to hit it hard.

Second, imagine yourself in an outdoor, beautiful location, with music that gives you goosebumps ‘till the morning!
Rhythm is a dancer at Fratelli and Dj John Junior & Kid Mike and Toni Tonini are ready to set the Opening Season Weekend (Friday & Saturday) on fire in our dreamy summer location situated in Palas, No 5D, on the roof of Fratelli.

Dress code: Smart casual is what it sounds like: a style that's somewhere between formal and casual. It's what you wear when you can't wear jeans and a t-shirt, but you're not in suit territory, either.  Anyway, if you have no ideea, take summerish something

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