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Data: 11 Octombrie 2019, 23:00 Vineri
Telefon Informații: 0756 561 111


This is Fratelli, crazy people! And we're Back in Business again!
One Love! One Spirit! One Family! Pure energy! Addiction!

Hooked on to your nights, like a powerful spell, when you can’t have enough, it’s just out of control: Welcome back because Fratelli is Forever!

So, put down your books, go out of your offices and get your dancing shoes on, ‘cause we’re dedicating the Friday night party to YOU!

And this is not all. Get ready to taste the perfection in one glass made by the best bartenders in town! And stay cool because we have new music powered by Dj Spiros Ertsos making the perfect team with Fratelli’s crew: Dj Kid Mike & Toni Tonini! Yes: that will go down in history.

Meet us in Fratelli Lounge & Club this Friday, 11th of October, because you are Welcome BACK IN Fratelli! We're BUSINESS!

Let’s have the first blast of the season

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